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Application of CMM ...

For small-scale parts, we can use a three-coordinate measuring instrument to meas...

MicroVu small automatic image measuring instrument

MicroVu small aut... Use new technology to provide high speed and accuracy to build a reliable and reliable measurement system. The system...

Croma series coordinate measuring instrument

Croma series coor... Adopting IDC-Ⅰ control system that Hexagon professionally created for Croma, 21 error space correction technologies and automatic a...

Roughness profiler CV-3200

Roughness profile... High accuracy + high function + high operability = roughness profiler CV-3000...

Impeller three-coordinate mapping

Impeller three-co... Point cloud collection and modeling process...

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Nantong Zhitai Precision Instrument Co., Ltd. Nantong Zhitai Precision Instrument Co., Ltd. is a technology company specializing in precision mechanical automation measurement and visual automation inspection. The company has been in the industry for more than ten years. Its products and technologies cover traditional image measurement, machine vision automation, one-click rapid detection, and three-dimensional coordinate measurement. And other fields. With the acceleration of domestic production and assembly automation and intelligent inspection in recent years, our company has accumulated in the delivery of customized equipment in the new energy battery industry, automotive sheet metal interior industry, medical equipment industry, and precision electronics industry Rich experience and established a solid technical team. With years of technical experience and more than 2,000 customers' industry experience, he has rich experience in solving actual measurement problems. At the same time, in response to customer needs, our company has obtained foreign high-end measurement equipment brand agents. Today, it is the main partner of Mitutoyo in Japan, Micro-Vu in the United States, and Zeiss in Germany in Carlsberg. Many years of cooperation have established rich sales. Experience and professional maintenance service technology have won the support and trust of customers from all walks of life. Facing the future, all employees of the company adhere to the business philosophy of "quality, technology, innovation, and endlessness", take each customer as their responsibility, and move towards higher goals....

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